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Understanding The Relevance Of SEM, SEO And Backlinking To Increase The Traffic To Your Website.

We are a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Company operating with the motto of delivering the best back linking services to our customers. We specialise in creating backlinks from directories that will help our customers get the best ranking and the greatest visibility on all search engines, be it German (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) English or any other international search engine. With our services we assure you that you will have anchor text backlinks from all important and relevant websites giving you the maximum exposure. Our services are: Forum filling in german or english, Directory submission, perfect backlink building, forum poster to get more traffic over german content and much more. [Our price list]

SEM or Search Engine Marketing simplified

SEM is a type of internet marketing. Through SEM we aim at achieving maximum visibility for your websites on all important search engines. This will help in increasing traffic to your websites and more traffic is more money.
For easy understanding, SEM works like any other advertising campaign. We try to increase the number of people visiting your website. These are potential customers for your websites. More number of potential customers means more number of customers. It in turn means more money for you if you can successfully convert the potential customers into actual customers. We assure you that by availing our services we give you a constant flow of traffic to your websites.

How SEM increases traffic to websites?
Search engine marketing employs a variety of techniques to increase traffic to websites. They include

1. Ad Campaign: You can hire the services of a marketing company to place your advertisements on the result pages of search engines. The disadvantage is that you pay for the number of time you ad appears on the result pages even if you do not get any visitors to your web site.

2. Paid Inclusions: You can pay web directories to include your website in their search index so that your site gets listed sooner. The web directories are continuously spidered and that increases the chances getting more visibility for your website. But even this does not guarantee a potential customer base because ultimately it is the quality of the product you are offering that matters.

3. Pay per click search engine submission: Here you have to pay the search engine only if somebody clicks on your ad. Here you end up with the headache of making the ad, monitoring it and altering it to increase the traffic to you website.

4. Search Engine Optimisation: Search engine optimisation or SEO is an art of increasing the traffic to a particular website by making it figure high in the search lists of search engines. It aims not only at increasing the volume of traffic but also the quality of the traffic visiting the website.

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All these techniques will help you increase traffic to your website. But that will serve the purpose only if you are able to convert your visitors into customers. For that your website must be structured in such away that it will figure high not only in the search engines but also in customer satisfaction. And SEO is the only option. SEO will help you arrange your website in a way to make easy for the user to find his requirements. Therefore SEO is the most important aspect of SEM. In fact it would be appropriate to say that any SEM campaign is incomplete without SEO.

Relevance of Search Engine Optimisation
From your experience itself you can understand that when you are searching for something in a search engine, you browse through only the first, very rarely the second, page of the search list. Only very few, if any go beyond the first and second page. Therefore until and unless a website ranks high in the search engine search list, i.e. it gets picked up in the first or the second page, chances are that it will not get any visitors. To be precise only when a website lists high in search engine ranking the chances of the user visiting that website is enhanced. The more higher the rank greater are the chances of getting quality visitors.

How to optimise your website for ranking higher in search engines?
There are two approaches you can adopt to optimise your websites so that they have the maximum visibility in search engines.
The first approach is search engine placement optimisation i.e. to optimise your site internally for better search engine placement ranking. This is achieved by applying the following SEO techniques like title tags, keyword meta tags, description meta tags, article body content etc. It basically means to write an original article following the optimisation techniques so that its search engine placement is assured.
The second approach is back linking. Backlinking in layman terms is basically having other sites act as advertising agents for your site. They advertise that users can find what they are looking for in your sites. This is more important than the first approach because people rely more on recommendations than findings. Even if your site ranks high in search engines users will prefer to use your services if your testimonials are good. This is what backlinking will achieve for you. And providing back linking to directories is our core competency.
How we help to create backlinks for your websites

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1. Non-Reciprocal link creation: One technique of creating backlinks for your website is to write quality articles and get them published on web directories. If the articles are good and the content is 100 percent original then your website will get good traffic. If some users find your articles relevant they will include the website links to your article in their website so that visitors to their website can visit your site if they find it useful for them. And the process continues giving you article maximum exposure. One way link or non-reciprocal link creation is very difficult because other sites will want to link to you only if your content is good and authentic. We guide you in creating quality content using optimisation techniques so that your articles can get good buying backlinks.

2. Automatic search engine submission service: We offer our directories for automatic search engine submission. This helps the search engines locate the new links in the directories and update their database accordingly. Therefore when somebody searches for the article it is automatically picked up in the search results. There is no need for making separate submission to the search engines. It gets updated on its own.

3. Non-direct link exchange: We specialise in creating non-direct link exchange to your website to give you maximum exposure. Through this your website can link to any number of websites through any of the web sites containing your link.
Why choose us to create backlinks for your website

There are many who would suggest to you that there is no need of employing a SEO/SEM firm to create backlinks for your website. Their viewpoint would be if your content is good then traffic will automatically come. But on the net itself you will come across various examples a good content did not assure adequate traffic. You have to let people know what you are offering. Taking professional help for this will help people know that your site is good and that will help you get good backlinks to your website. We assure you that you will get the best services any service provider can give you.

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